Mossy Oak 3/4 Cord Woodhaven Firewood Rack 12ft

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Buy Mossy Oak 3/4 Cord Woodhaven Firewood Rack 12ft

Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity

Depth, Detail, and Definition.

Featuring unprecedented depth, unequalled detail and elements with remarkable contrast, Break-Up Infinity truly offers hunters another dimension in camo.

Each element – leaves, limbs, acorns and branches – was selected to create unmatched realism and contrast to break up a hunter’s silhouette. Then they were placed over multiple layers of actual images from the woods to create a multi-dimensional depth of field unlike any camouflage ever created.

Break-Up Infinity is the first pattern ever that you can actually look into much the same way you look into the woods.

The 3/4 Cord Woodhaven Firewood Rack holds 3/4 cord of firewood. Made in the USA, it features heavy-duty steel tubing, baked-on powder coat finish, stainless-steel nuts and bolts, a lifetime structural warranty, and our exclusive Mossy Oak Seasoning Cover, (as shown) at no additional cost. Buy Mossy Oak 3/4 Cord Woodhaven Firewood Rack 12ft

Shipping is free.

Measures: 4ft x 12ft x 14in. (HeightxWidthxDepth)

Cover Dimensions: 146in x 20in x 12in (LxWxH)


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