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Welcome to Martfury

The co-founders of Firewood Rack Shop from an early age had a passion and respect for the outdoors. Over the years, while exploring the natural beauty of the forests, mountains and rivers of the Northeast we developed a consuming curiosity about the forest and all its magnificence.

After successfully working in industries not related to forestry the co-founders of Firewood Rack Shop both had a calling to return to the ‘woods’. The firewood products business was an industry we saw that had many flaws; with many providers delivering inconsistent product and poor customer service. Firewood Rack Shop set forth to build a company that would be the Gold Standard in the industry. A sustainable forestry business–powered by the latest technology—delivering industry leading forest products directly to your desired delivery location.

Firewood Rack Shop is proud to produce and deliver the best USDA Kiln-Dried firewood material in the world today. The firewood we produce powers the ovens, smokers and stoves of scores of wood fired restaurants, bakeries and BBQ joints across the Tri-State region. These chefs attest to the quality of our product and the results they deliver.

Firewood Rack Shop is dedicated to provide unparalleled service. Whether its a cord of our firewood stacked in your yard or a small box delivered through the mail – you will be enjoying the ‘burn’ of the best firewood mother nature can produce.

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