All Firewood Is Not Created Equal.

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Firewood Rack Shop means kiln dried, locally harvested firewood that our trusted handlers deliver straight to your door. Our products endure a rigorous heat treatment process which achieves ideal moisture contents that sit between 8%-18% depending on species density. Our forest products burn 35% more efficiently producing hotter, longer, cleaner more enjoyable fires in any burning apparatus.

These cuts are so easy to light they even burn in the rain!

Our kiln treatment process far exceeds industry and competitive standards with a 44-48 hour forced hot air treatment at sustained temperatures. The wood is guaranteed disease, pest, mold and mildew free.


Our firewood is hand sorted and picked to ensure only the finest logs makes it to your home.


Guaranteed 8%-18% moisture content through the core (tested multiple times).


Triple split and hand sorted; all substandard cuts are discarded.


Burns 35% more efficient than the inferior “green”, “seasoned” or “solar kiln-dried” firewood.


Disease, pest, mold and mildew free


48 Hour forced hot air treatment at sustained temps (exceeds regulatory standards by 5X). Minimal emissions, bark and creosoot.


Culinary [ALL], Wood Stove Energy, Residential and Recreational


The co-founders of Firewood Rack Shop from an early age had a passion and respect for the outdoors. Over the years, while exploring the natural beauty of the forests, mountains and rivers of the Northeast we developed a consuming curiosity about the forest and all its magnificence.

After successfully working in industries not related to forestry the co-founders of Firewood Rack Shop both had a calling to return to the ‘woods’. The firewood products business was an industry we saw that had many flaws; with many providers delivering inconsistent product and poor customer service. Firewood Rack Shop set forth to build a company that would be the Gold Standard in the industry. A sustainable forestry business–powered by the latest technology—delivering industry leading forest products directly to your desired delivery location.

Firewood Rack Shop is proud to produce and deliver the best USDA Kiln-Dried firewood material in the world today. The firewood we produce powers the ovens, smokers and stoves of scores of wood fired restaurants, bakeries and BBQ joints across the Tri-State region. These chefs attest to the quality of our product and the results they deliver.

Firewood Rack Shop is dedicated to provide unparalleled service. Whether its a cord of our firewood stacked in your yard or a small box delivered through the mail – you will be enjoying the ‘burn’ of the best firewood mother nature can produce.

Kiln Dried Firewood Delivered and Stacked

Kiln-Dried Firewood Supplier

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions we can not provide stacking service. With a comprimised imune system we are very sensitive to our customers concerns and must currently avoid close contact with customers. We are a supplier of kiln-dried firewood with a different approach: no-labor fires. We know you want a nice warm fire to relax in front of while you sit back and enjoy life. You aren’t the do-it-yourself lumberjack out there who has the time and access to woods to cut and haul your own firewood. To get from the forest to the fireplace, you have to handle each piece of wood about 10 times. We provide firewood “concierge” service. Scouring New England, we find sources of quality kiln-dried wood that consistently lights and burns well. Then we go the extra step. You call us and we place the wood neatly where you want it, stored close to the fireplace. Parking, alleys, stairs, basements, hallways and elevators are no problem. The only heavy lifting required for you is picking up the phone and calling us. Leave the rest to us. We will always deliver the amount you ordered, plus some. We are sorry to say right now we can not provide stacking services.

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